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Service Delivery Management. Scale Up, Not down.

Technical Support, Monitoring, Automation and even Industry Analysts, let us worry about operations!


Many of todays emerging digital products are large and complex, the problem this presents is if a customer is unable to achieve their desired outcome then the value of that product is never perceived. Organisations today must ensure 100% service support availability, however without the right technology and trained staff these operational challenges can lead to poor service indicator performance as well as excessive scaling costs.

Our managed service delivery breaks down silos and fills all visible gaps to drive comprehensive round the clock service to all your clients. From onboarding them, to in session support, technical help, product help to offloading them. At remoter we're proud to say we're the go to for startups across the world for service delivery management, we allow companies to focus on growing their technology and sales while we take care of the rest!

WHAT we do

Fair, flexible service delivery management services to scale your product or service.

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Technical Support
We train and develop our in house associates to learn your product, develop troubleshooting guides and anticipate disruptions.
Product Onboarding
Data migration is usually the biggest pain point for users transitioning to a new system or SAAS service, we can manage this entirely for you.
Customer Success
Stop service failure today! Track successful outcomes achieved by your customer, collect product feedback and propose upsells!
Transactional Analyst
Does your output involve analysis of findings, we have dedicated consultants who can write expert opinions and reports to support your product.
Human In the Loop
Are you offering process automation but not quite there yet with with Ai, we can setup a cost effective RPA factory for you service while your technology catches up.
Monitoring / Moderation
Monitor and moderate video, audio, images and text for quality assurance or security. Scale your team up and down during surge periods without sacrificing service quality.

Did you know: Service Delivery Failure is the number 1 cause in user churn &loss of recurring revenue. 90% of the time it is never reported.

Don't wait to fail, our services exist due to the problem, not because its nice to have.

Key Benefits

◉  Maximize productivity and uptime.
◉  Focus on your ideas and the future.
◉  3x faster time to resolution.
◉  Scale Up & Down.
◉  We manage training & development
◉  Quality Assurance engineered in
◉  Tried and Tested Operations
◉  Automation built in

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All you need to know

Key Benefits :
Scale up or down as you need
Remain unworried about retention.
We train all our employees.
Self manage or opt for a managed service.
Be a registered company, trading for at least 3 years or are investment backed.
Have a project outline documented.
Have got some form of solution validation.
Cannot hire our consultants
Lifestyle Benefits :
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Free Domestic Lounge Access on your
Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs 1,000/-.
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Healthcare Benefits :
Apollo Pharmacy voucher worth Rs 1,000/-. Click here to know Terms
Insurance cover up to Rs.10 Lakhs on
Air Accident Cover of Rs. 1 Cr on your
Family Banking benefits through our HNW program
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