NO Product Management,
is the No1 Cause for Chaos.

Embedding a product manager can help you clear the chaos, define a strategy, unite teams, customers and ideas.


User needs and expectations change daily, due to numerous factors such as competition, continuous experience failure, deteriorating outcome visibility and more. To ensure your products and keep pace dedicated product management or support support of it is almost always required in todays competitive landscape. We can help you conquer your chaos enabling you to:

1. Reinvent your offerings based on a complete understanding of your customers’ raw need
2. Work across organizational boundaries to effectively harness your talent and IP
3. Apply test-and-learn approaches to boost innovation and shorten time-to-market
4. And, install a closed-loop system to measure and improve every element of the customer experience

How We Can Help

Roadmap Creation

Translate developed and converging strategy into releases taking into account all contributing stakeholders and confidence levels.

Idea Management

Building structured processes to generate, capture and evaluate notions that may be be lost in conversation, translation or dismissed.

Feedback Management

Post release we can help develop feedback loops, implement NPS, manage channels with external users. Internally we can coach positive criticism techniques.

SAAS Pricing Models

Development of pricing models to suit scalability and value for user, i.e. event based, seat based, industry segmentations and then validating pricing.

Agile Implementation

Training and support to ingrain workflows, identification and removal of barriers such a bureaucracy, politics, misconceptions and poor collaboration.

Product Validation

Engaging with target personas and companies in the form on 1 to 1 interviews and focus groups to validate features, or the solution as a whole.

Knowledge Transfer

Reducing key man risk, within development teams insuring technical & product know how flows equally. Alternatively facilitating employee exits.

Priotisation Models

Creating multi variant priority models according to your organisations needs and key stakeholders outside engineering such as sales, marketing and management.

QA & Acceptance Testing

We provide ongoing or pre-release quality assurance. As well that we can help with crafting acceptance criteria's for every user type and their user stories.

User Research

Going beyond user definition, understanding their goals, values, growth, destruction and their influencers. Post acquisition studying their behavior & exits.

Offshore Team Management

We're experts in working with offshore developers, we have team leads and support centers on the ground in most countries.

Conceptulisation & Prototyping

Taking ideas to wireframes to rich prototypes ready for product validation and iteration. Engineering experience and behavior from the start.

Product Comms

We help you communicate key value propositions for user types through videos and infographics. As well as develop and manage guides, collateral and other media types.

Platform Migration

We help you move from one platform to another regardless if its built or bought. We analyse and evaluate outcomes, data to transfer & user experiences.

How We Work

It's not a one sized fits all approach when it comes to product management. However, where organisations or teams are at early stages of their product management journey we follow our 3 step model to ensure accurate identification of gaps, services required, priorities of services and lastly building in controls to leave your teams to continue managing on their own after we've left.

1. Product Management Index Report

Our flagship report, the product management maturity assessment analyses how mature the skills, processes and knowledge of the current team are. We look at 5 areas of product management and provide an in depth maturity score for each which we benchmark against at the end of our engagement.

2. Implementation Map & Priortisation

We set out a delivery plan based on the product management maturity assessment and priorities according to criticality. You know exactly what we'll deliver and when.

3. Controls Maturity Development

We create a continuous management cycle for your team, based on our 5 control categories and implemented processes for each created according to your organisation. This allows you to continue to reap the benefits long after we've left.

Support your product team today, before failure becomes exponential for your product.

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