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To win in today’s dynamic IT services industry you need to meet your clients’ rapidly evolving needs efficiently, adaptably, and strategically. Our IT services industry consulting teams bring an agile, results-focused approach shaped by our deep expertise across all relevant capabilities. We have helped companies manage costs, transform operations, embrace the latest digital technologies, and seize new market opportunities. In more than 20 client engagements in the last two years, we have supported companies across the full spectrum of subsectors, from cloud, hosting, and infrastructure providers to outsourcers, VARs, systems integrators, network equipment companies, and more. Our seamless global network of experts can provide unparalleled insights into the trends that make IT infrastructure management more complex every day.


Are you really Innovating?

80% of projects or companies fail battling accumulated tech debt from 'MVPs' while others continue innovating.
42% of projects don't come to light as their team are not experienced in new technology or have no support.

Internal community support network.
Continual training and innovation games.
Engineers with sector specific experience.

Key Person Risk? The All Star Engineering threat.

Early stage projects often have all star engineers doing multiple roles spanning product, service delivery & development. If they leave or become disgruntled they can leave you high and dry or if they don't, they make it difficult for new starters to survive. Get audited & diversify today.


Fair, flexible & expert consultants that don't cost you an arm and a leg

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Vetted Professionals
We either hire experienced professionals or put all new employees through our 2 year training programme taking them from zero to hero!
Cost Effective
If you compare like for like we are almost 50% cheaper than hiring onshore and we're almost 5x faster.
Established Processes
We have pre-defined processes for things like hotfixes, adding and removing members so there is chaos when you need scale up or down.
Wellbeing & Support
We provide our staff with the latest machines, technology, learning resources and support to get through anything they need to.
Community Support
We have a large community off developers internally therefore help is only a stones throw away.
Available Globally
We're available globally, we provide both onshore and offshore engineers in every continent.
Whats your burn rate?

The Saving of time & cost is down to you..

Get the ball rolling if you already know what you need to do. We have over 30 different types of software engineers covering a multitude of leading and legacy programming languages.

Available in as little as 48 Hours.
We train, develop and support all of our engineers.

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Types of Engineers Available
Front End Engineers
Back End Engineers
DevOps Engineers
Technical Product Managers
Data Scientists
Ai/ML Engineers
Legacy System Engineers
AR / VR Designers
Security Engineers
QA Engineers
Mobile Engineers
Frameworks & Language we service
Django, Python
Flask, Python
Scrapy, Python
Tensor Flow, Python
R, Python
Node, Javascript
Express, Javascript
React, Javascript
Vue, Javascript
Angular, Javascript
Laravel, PHP
Spring, Java
Restful API / Graph QL
React Native
eligibility and terms

All you need to know

Key Benefits :
Scale up or down as you need
Remain unworried about retention.
We train all our employees.
Self manage or opt for a managed service.
Be a registered company, trading for at least 3 years or are investment backed.
Have a project outline documented.
Have got some form of solution validation.
Cannot hire our consultants
Lifestyle Benefits :
One Year Epicure Membership of Taj Innere. ClickTerms & Conditions
Free Domestic Lounge Access on your
Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs 1,000/-.
Myntra voucher worth Rs 1,000/-. Click here to know Terms & Conditions
Healthcare Benefits :
Apollo Pharmacy voucher worth Rs 1,000/-. Click here to know Terms
Insurance cover up to Rs.10 Lakhs on
Air Accident Cover of Rs. 1 Cr on your
Family Banking benefits through our HNW program
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